About Hillcrest Media Group and Jabberwocky Books

Jabberwocky Books is a division of Hillcrest Media Group. Started in 2006, Hillcrest Media Group has always focused on providing high-quality services to authors and publishers. In the spirit of innovation, Hillcrest Media Group realized early on that there was a huge demand for beautifully designed and printed children’s books. This is how Jabberwocky Books was born.

As Hillcrest Media Group has grown, so have the products and services they offer. They operate in a culture of innovation, which means that they are always hiring the brightest people to develop the newest ideas. Hillcrest Media Group now has divisions that focus on all aspects of publishing, including self-publishing, traditional publishing, ebooks, book design, book editing, distribution, fulfillment, and marketing. Their talented team of publishing experts spends every day working with authors and publishers to produce books that will withstand the test of time.

Hillcrest Media Group has plans to cross the pond and take their services to European markets in 2014.

To learn more about Hillcrest Media Group, visit their website at www.hillcrestmedia.com.